So what is the Qube Server?

The Qube Server is the hardware this website and it's associated resouces run on. These days a modified Cobalt Qube2 supported by a G7 HP Microserver.

A Cobalt Qube2 was chosen as a "cool" retro-server with enough grunt to host a largely retro-oriented website, whiich it did a remarkably well for about 18 months before OS issues got the best of me.
The server has gone though a few updates over the years. Origionally the Qube2 ran a blazing 250Mhz MIPS CPU with the memory fully expanded to 256Mb along with a PCI IDE/USB card for more connection options. Although the Cobalt OS was very good (for Linux) it's a bit long in the tooth for supporting multi-tetrabyte drives and modern PCI cards so I ran NetBSD for a while as there's an up to date distro for the Qube2. It's very lightweigt, totally bomb-proof, and most importantly...
NetBSD isn't as totally brain-dead, utterly unintuitive, and plain horrible to use as EVERY Linux distro I've ever tried. Also I've found the bods in the NetBSD community to be quite friendly and helpful, unlike almost everyone I've come across on Linux forums. "RTFM" is the nearly universal reply to almost every question, even when one has politely pointed out that having finally tracked down the relevant info I could make no sense of it.

The joy of the internet is you can say what you like without having to justify a word!

Even NetBSD proved too UNIXish for my liking, so in an effort to preserve my sanity I moved to a better OS that could support my needs. Yes! M$ Windows, I said it! This also give me the chance to gut my Qube2 and upgrade it a bit... well, a lot actually.

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