Artwork by Charles Lane


Charles Lane (1968)
Life certainly takes some twists and turns. I decided to become a doctor when I was four years old and have spent most of my life persuing that calling. Sadly no more. But rediscovering passions I haven't had time for since my teens has it's compensations.

I'm glad I can still turn out a picture or two, and now have the time to devote to technique and artistic discovery.
I currently 'paint' on computer, which wasn't an option back in the day.

It's always good to find a challange so I'll try my hand at most subjects, and I'm happy to discuss commissions. I particularly enjoy painting landscapes, especially where there's sea and mountains; a good excuse to travel for inspiration as often as I can.

The Gallery page hosts a selection of my work at 1/4 resolution, originals intended for professional printing.


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Contact Details
I hope you have enjoyed my paintings as much as I enjoyed making them, most things are better when shared. To that end they are all availble for sale, paintings are at their best when seen in person. The originals are much higer resolution and quality than can be reasonably displayed via an on-line gallery. I am very happy to take on commissions.
All work is professionally printed on to high quality paper or canvass, numbered and signed, framed if desired, and sent to most places. I am happy to discuss alternate requirements.

Charles Lane
Wirral, North West England

As a guide posters start at £20.00, a signed and numbered canvas at £60.00 + postage and packing. This will vary depending on requested size and materials.
I currently charge £25.00 an hour for commissioned work, plus materials. A painting may take anywhere from an hour to 'many hours' to complete. If you are interested in a specific painting, or a commission, please feel free to contact me.

All the images found on this gallery are my own work and are copyright of the painter; Charles Lane. They are not to be used commericially without my prior agreement. I sincerely hope these samples will be enjoyed for personal use. If you post copies of my work elsewhere please ensure you include my name, contact details, and a link to this gallery. Thank you.