HTPC on the Cheap

If like me you're not rolling in cash and the missus has become more than usually vocal about 'That gigantic noisy box next to the telly' then my best advice is to repeat after me.

'All Hail HP!'

The reason for heaping such praise on an otherwise dull cooperate box-shifter like Hewlett Packard is just once in a while they accidentally make something really special. The 'many monkeys typing at random' just might produce Shakespeare once in a while. The TC1100 and T5720 are good examples.

And what is a T5720?
Well, it's a thin-client. That's right, a dull box designed by the drones of HP to be used as a substitute for a 'proper' computer for the drones of a faceless corporation near you. Maybe you recognise the breed, being enslaved in such an institution yourself, and have cursed it for the soul-sapping tool of the oppressor that it is.
Never fear. Just like you it's only as evil as it's conditioning makes it and just like you with a little effort, and possibly some probing, it can shake off the doe-eyed drudgery of oppression and learn to soar the heights of imagination - become an HTPC!
It's amazing what opportunities may turn up if you occasionally substitute independent thought for herd instinct. I bet almost everything you think you know / believe is actually only something you were told, having never found out for yourself and made up your own mind...
...would you really blow 500+ quid on 'The Latest HTPC', for example, when a T5720 could do the job for far less money?

Here's a final thought. Life really is too short to look in to all the 'facts' yourself and so come to a fully rational conclusion on any subject, even assuming there are any reliable 'facts' to be had. It's all belief in the end, your neighbour's belief may be more valid then your own.

Having endured my own brand of brain-washing, I hope you find these pages useful and interesting.

'That gigantic noisy box next to the telly' is your old water-cooled gaming-rig that you just didn't have the heart to get rid of so 'Wouldn't it make a good media computer dear..?'