This web server is dedicated to 32bit RiscOS Computers.

'So what's it all about?' I hear you ask.
Well, I'm sure you've heard of the Amiga, the AtariST, the Mac, even... the DOS PC. All retro platforms with much to recommend them. Each have their following, a strong on-line community with on-going software and hardware development...
...sadly you don't hear much in the way slobbering fan-boys or even an occasional quiet apologist regarding RiscOS. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful characters about if you know who, sadly it's easy to run into unhelpful grumpiness instead.

Time for some changes.
The intention is for this server to be a resource for what could be a new kind of 32bit RiscOS community:

People should be able to ask questions and find much needed resources without having the run the gauntlet of the community's 'traditional awkwardness', and indeed not even knowing where to look. There is also the current sad situation where 'abandoned' software is allowed to disappear forever as their authors cease support while there remains no mechanism (official or otherwise) to continue distribution.
Similarly technical knowhow is rapidly disappearing. The troubles I've had with my (small) RiscOS projects for the simple lack of basic information! Such issues can only have a negative effect on future hardware and software development.

And finally...
Surely the mindset for development and support needs to change. We're not talking about a viable platform but potentially interesting retro and hobbyist systems. The model of companies selling to customers needs to change to one of community members with varying talents doing stuff because they are interested. Any hardware or software project should be done out of interest, not money, though if it's popular enough... Equally, those lucky enough to benefit from talented interest should desist from the negativity that is currently normal behavior - it doesn't encourage developers to continue!

Did I hear you ask about emulation...?
If you don't have a real RiscOS system yet Arculator for 'classic' and RPCEmu for 'modern' are probably the best of the free emulators - there's others: For non-M$ platforms as well as excellent commercial ones.