A Custom Computer of my Very Own!

Once upon a time...

I had a sweet little girl for whom I bought a second-hand laptop, a proper IBM Lenovo model as I wanted something pretty robust given her age. It did my heart much good to see how pleased she was to get a laptop and she thoroughly surprised me by looking after it very carefully.
...As is the way of things time went by. The laptop began to show it's age. But remembering how carefully she looked after it, and how pleased she was, I thought I'd get her a better one. An HP Spectre XP Pro 13-b000 to be precise. Of course ever nearing her teens there was only a muttered response. But as she did seem to appreciate it I considered the purchase a success.
Sadly, being of an age when children can be less careful about their stuff she stood on it and broke the screen. Fullsome and lengthy wails of anguish followed. "Ah. No problem", I thought. Being something of a dab-hand with electronics I'll get another screen and have it sorted in a jiff...
...Um, no. You see a replacement screen for just about any laptop can be had for about 50 pounds, more or less. But this particular screen seems to be in short supply and the ones available are all in the hands of carpet-bagging scum-bags who think charging 400+ quid for a replacement screen to fit a two year old laptop is quite acceptable. No, it's not! Just for info the manufacturer of this screen bangs them out for about $20.00 a pop in batches of 100+ I did manage to resist the temptation of joining the ranks of said scum-bags.

My wife bought a well used but otherwise identical laptop from eBay for about 130 pounds. Of course, being a pre-teen, my daughter instantly complained that it had Windows 10 on it but otherwise found the replacement (barely) acceptable... until she used it for a prolonged period with the vents covered and so cooked the SSD. "Sigh".

But this time I had a 'spare' screen on hand. So out it came from the newly dead laptop and went in to previously dead one. All was one again peace and joy in our household.

...The End

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